Personal training

Personal Training

The Positivo Fitness Center was founded with the idea to help clients who have decided to change their bad habits, with the help of highly qualified experts in achieving the defined goals. In this sense, certainly one of the most popular training programs is personal training that represents a systematic and programmed work with only one person (trainee). The advantages that result from this kind of work are fully adjusted trainee process to the individual abilities of individuals in accordance with clearly defined goals, which lead to the most effective achievement of results.

Creating an individual exercise program involves complete sports diagnostics (anthropometric and functional testing), a medical examination and a diet plan. Whether it’s weight reduction, correction of body deformities, muscle mass increase or some other specific goal, the information obtained after testing and suggestions by a doctor specialist will help the trainer to define a training cycle that will be adapted in an appropriate way to the abilities and personal goals of each trainee.

Our experienced team, which consists of a doctor and a professor of physical culture, will make sure that you come to the results for as little time as possible, to be motivated and satisfied to come to training and that physical activity becomes an integral part of your everyday life.

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