CoreFitMax is a method of assessing body function and computerized exercise dosing based on the analysis of 88 standard sports-orthopedic signs and training tests.

The CoreFitMax program is applicable in the following cases:

– In the presence of chronic musculoskeletal pain (due to deformity or injury)
– As a support in the activities of everyday life, or as a form of precisely dosed individual fitness
– In the presence of poor posture, poor coordination of movement or constitutional hypermobility (loose joints)
– As part of basic training activities in various sports (running, swimming, football, basketball, tennis, judo and 8 other sports)

CFM has two segments. The first segment is the testing and calculation of important motor parameters: the resting muscle tonus of 62 skeletal muscles, the degree of lateralization along the body segments, and the percentage of global body coordination. Through the second segment, based on the results of the CFM testing software, a precise individualized exercise program is generated, such as to stimulate a gradual correction of the observed imbalance within a few months.

CoreFitMax training leads to enhanced motor control of the body by correcting muscle action, by using natural stimulus: the reaction of the nervous system to feedback about the position and movement of body parts (the so-called proprioceptive feedback mechanism).

Proprioceptive exercise has two main goals:

1. Correction of the posture (body position), through stimulation of kinesthesia (senses of position and movement of the body and parts of the body)
2. Improvement of activation of deep hull stabilizers

Correction of the established muscular imbalance, affects the stability of the joints and the prevention of their structural damage.

Features of the CoreFitMax Program:

Realization of therapeutic goals through exercise, with constant monitoring of trainers
The progression of exercises (the sequence of the application of increasingly difficult exercises) monitors the order of development of the motor control of a man, and is accomplished with a combination of four procedures:
 1. Complimenting exercises;
 2. By increasing exercise load;
 3. By reducing the stability of the support;
 4. By using more demanding props.

Exercise periodization is composed according to the modern principles of sports training.
Exercises are conducted with individual professional assistance, adapted to age, gender and constitution.

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