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Conscious of the fact that low level of awareness about the importance of physical activity is a direct consequence of an enormous increase in the number of people with health problems, we have formed a team of highly qualified trainers and doctors who through various physical exercises can significantly contribute to improving the health status of our clients. The realization of therapeutic goals by training methods, in order to eliminate and prevent chronic injuries, takes place with the constant supervision of the doctor specialist and the trainer.

The weight loss program is based on a specially created training cycle that includes complete sports diagnostics, diet planning and physical exercise with constant monitoring of trainers. The isolation from the city noise and the view on the natural beauty of Dedinje, as well as fully equipped fitness center, will make you feel comfortable and your physical exercise will become a real pleasure.

Recent Posts

Muscular disbalance

The human body is a very complicated. The movement system consists of a number of elements: over 200 bones, even more joints, more than 600 muscles, numerous tendons, ligaments, fascias… One of the essential [...]

Scoliosis and exercise

Often a question is raised - Which type of recreation is advisable for people with scoliosis? Recreational exercise is highly recommended for painless scoliosis, with certain movements being difficult to perform due to reduced [...]

Pain in the lower back and Piriformis syndrome

Lower back pain, falling down the back side of the leg, is most commonly associated with disorders of the interfering discus. But, there are other causes of irritation of the ischemic nerve (disorder of [...]